Sometimes I Write Fiction

At the risk of sounding all Stephenie Meyerish, back in February, I had a dream. A really awesome dream about this girl and this guy. So, I thought I would write about it. I always wanted to write but never really had a coherent storyline until now.

And ironically, my first fiction post is the end of the story. (Well, no one every accused me of doing things the normal way!)

Since I got so much positive feedback and I really enjoyed myself, I thought I would write a little bit more. And then a little more. And even a little more.

And since I don't always write chronologically, I decided I would create a page where the blog posts are all in order in one place.

So enjoy, my fellow readers!

Update: Some of you have requested that I finish a story in it's entirety. I want to do that too. It's brain jumps from one idea to another and I'm easily distracted...Look! A butterfly!

Seriously, I would like to finish all of these works and one day I believe I will. Some days are harder to find time, let alone focus on writing.

But I am always thinking about these characters. I am continuously playing out their adventures and romances in my head.

However, between now and then, come along beside me and let's enjoy this crazy journey together.

Jake and Maddie 

I believe I have a lot of the big pieces but I feel there are some little pieces missing. And I know I need to fill in the cracks. Also, I can see Sam in my head and I want you guys to love him like Maddie does. So I think I write more with Maddie and Sam. And of course, Maddie and Jake.

Run Of The Mill

Wouldn't Dream Of It

My Athletic Prowess

It's Totally Stalkerish

That'd Be So Cliche

The Best Part 

Starting To Feel Different

Help Me Understand

You Just Love Me For My Cupcakes

It's Good To Try New Things


Like Attracts Like

Be Serious

Screw Being Reasonable 

Stupid, Stupid Heart

Remembering Lots Of Things

Say Something

You're A Coward

I Choose You

Here's my second attempt at writing...

Nat and Adam

Snow Bunny

Just My Luck

Save Your Breath

Does Coffee Count?


Nectar of The Gods

Not That Other Stuff

Would You Like To Know All Of My Secrets


That Makes Me Feel Much Better

We're Back In The Game

Maybe He Really Is Prince Charming

I Am Such An Idiot

Challenge Accepted

And my most recent (which I think may be my favorite)...

Griffin and Afton

It's Always Been You


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