Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Does Coffee Count?

Approaching The Cozy Nook, I tilt my head further towards the window to see any signs of life inside. The curtains are pulled back in the living room so I know Dad is awake.

Coming to a stop in front of the building, Adam announces, "Here we are. Safe and Sound." He smirks as if he can't help but smile at his hilarity.

Clearing my throat, I say, "Thanks for the ride home."

Because not only is he the hottest guy in this town but he is also Prince Charming, he inquires, "Would you like for me to take a look at your engine? It would be no problem. You can consider it a welcoming gift." His mouth lifts to one side as tries to contain that annoying (yet sexy) grin of his.

I really don't do the damsel in distress very well. I can take care of myself. Thank you very much.

I politely decline, "Thank you but that's not necessary. I'll have my Dad take a look at it." Okay, Dad doesn't know a lick about fixing the Explorer but Adam doesn't need to know that. Dad fixing a car is as likely as Frosty the Snowman getting a suntan.

Grabbing my backpack and opening the truck door, I turn back to Adam. "Well," I concluded, "thanks again. See you around."

Winking, Adam says, "Definitely, snow bunny."

Closing his door with a satisfying thud, I head to the front of the store and fish out my keys. Halfway inside the door, I realize I never heard Adam leave.

Risking a glance over my shoulder, I find him staring at me from inside the car. He looks serious. Deep in thought. In a flash, the serious expression is gone. His grin is back. Putting his hand to his forehead in a military salute, he heads off down the street.

Ooookay. Kind of sweet. Kind of creepy. 

Walking to the back of the store, I head towards the stockroom. Once inside, I make for the stairway, right inside the door.

Going up the stairs, I enter into our small living room that opens up to the kitchen. The hallway is on the right leading to two bedrooms each with their own bath. There is nice wood trim, painted white, around each of the windows which are currently open to the sunshine. 

Not to shabby as apartment living goes.

I see Dad sitting at our kitchen table drinking coffee and reading the morning paper. I drop my backpack by the table and lean down to give him a peck on the cheek.

"You know you can read the newspaper online," I inquire. 

I enjoy giving Dad a hard time about reading things on paper. When in actuality, I love books just as much as he does.

Dad feigns outrage, "When did that happen? Why wasn't I informed? How did I not know about this?!"

Grabbing the orange juice and a glass, I sit down at the table. "Have you eaten?"

Dad answers, "Does coffee count?"

Sighing, I say, "No, coffee doesn't count. Let me make you some breakfast."

Dad says, "You are too good to me, Natalie."

Reaching for the eggs, I state, "That is true." I make us a spinach and cheddar cheese omelet with sliced bacon. Skiing always gives me an appetite.

In between mouthfuls of food, Dad questions, "Stevens Pass?"

I respond, "Yes. That is my favorite trail to go on. I like going out there early in the morning. I like the feeling of having the world all to myself."

"Sounds nice," Dad says.

I state, "It makes me feel hopeful, you know?"

Dad's eyes turn sad as he pushes his plate away, he says, "Yes. I remember that feeling."

Suddenly, my eggs feel like a lump of cold concrete. I no longer have an appetite. Swallowing them quickly, I change the subject. "So, do we need to work on inventory today?"

Dad pushes his glasses up top of his head and rubs his eyes. "Sure. I guess we'd better get to it."

I'm halfway to the sink with both our plates when Dad inquires, "Who's truck was that outside?"


Shrugging, I state, "Oh my old hunk of junk wouldn't start so I got a ride home." Knowing my "hunk of junk" comment would throw him off the trace.

Dad jokes, ""Hunk of junk? Maxwell is part of the family. That is no hunk of junk."

Shaking my head, I say, "Dad, no one names their cars. You realize you are 'the crazy old professor who names their cars', right?"

Giving me a wink, he retorts, "I'll have you know its 'the crazy old bookstore owner who names their cars' now. Show a little respect."

It is my 2nd Blog Birthday! Woo hoo! Let's celebrate with another addition to Nat and Adam's story with the introduction of Nat's Dad.

If you would like to follow the story up to this point, you can check out 'Sometimes I Write A Little Fiction'.

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