Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We're Back In The Game

**The previous post with Nat and Adam can be found here.

Heading out the door, I find myself staring at Adam in wonder.

Closing the door behind him, he turns to find me staring.

"What is it?" He questions.

Shaking my head, I reply, "Just who are you, Mr. Man-Boy Wonder?"

My brain tries to take the puzzle pieces and place them together to form a complete picture of Adam. But they seem to keep shifting.

Gently shoving my shoulder with his, Adam states, "I thought I already answered that. I'm Prince Charming."

Shoving him back, I quip, "Yeah, yeah. Let's see this is 'hiding place' of yours."

Giving me that lopsided heart-melting grin of his, he declares, "Follow me. It's not much farther."

Adam walks down the hallway as I follow behind, wondering for the tenth time why in the world we are here.

We stop at the end of the hallway before a simple wooden door. Without pretense or amble, Adam opens the door, letting it swing wide. After entering, Adam steps to the side so I can see the room fully.

I find myself looking at a library.

A beautiful two story library with intrinsically carved wood columns equally spaced between the bookshelves flank each side. Several spiral staircases lead up to the second level. The second level only frames the two longer sides of the room.

On the second level, there are additional bookshelves but there are window benches underneath ornate stained glass windows. Each window depicts a scene from the bible.

For a moment I am speechless. This was totally not what I was expecting. To say it’s beautiful doesn’t really capture the essence of this place. I've been in tons of libraries in my life but never one like this.

She would have loved this. Mom would have loved this library.

I can feel a lump rise in my throat. Before I can stop it, tears spring to my eyes.

Hastily wiping them away, I quietly say, “It’s lovely, Adam.”

Quickly, I turn away and head to the nearest bookshelf to give myself something to do. But not before Adam sees. Not before he sees me blubbering like an emotional mess.

Great. Keep it together, Nat.

To his credit, Adam doesn't say anything. Instead, he walks the length of the library, telling me of the many times he attempted to skip mass by coming here. And how each time he got caught.

While Adam tells of his life of crime, I cautiously walk down the length of the room. My hand grazes the spines of the books but I am not really seeing them. I am thinking of a time before. I focus on my breathing. Making myself relax and let it go.

After his lengthy narrative, Adam turns to me and smiles. It’s a genuine smile. His face conveys all of the things he isn't saying.

I know he knows I am upset. Adam was giving me time to compose myself while he distracted me. His face tells me that he is here for me if I want to talk.

It’s such a simple thing. But my heart sings in response to his gentleness.

Maybe Mr. Man-Boy Wonder really is Prince Charming.

I smile in return. Giving him a honest smile. One that lets him know I am grateful he gave me some space.

Pulling on my reserves from somewhere deep inside, I resolve to return to my usual snarky self. “So which window is your favorite?” I question, pointing to the windows at the top.

“Ah, that’s easy, snow bunny.” Adam responds with a wink.

And just like that. We're back in the game.

Hmm, another piece of the Nat and Adam puzzle. What do you guys think?

Well, get ready!

I've got ideas, people! Lots and lots of ideas!

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