Friday, March 28, 2014

That Makes Me Feel Much Better

**Previous entry with Nat and Adam can be found here.

After tubing for another half an hour, we return the boys' inner tube and head back to Adam's truck. 

Moving around outside had kept me warm but now inside Adam's truck, with my sweat beginning to dry, I start to feel the cold.

Shivering, I take off my gloves and rub my hands together.

Turning on the heat, Adam takes off his own gloves and reaches for my hands. Rubbing my hands in his, Adam smiles and states, "Survival 101. This will help to warm up both our hands." 

Lifting an eyebrow, I said, "I don't think cold hands equates to trying to survive." Even though secretly I don't mind the feel of Adam's large, rough hands on mine. 

Shrugging, Adam says, "Okay, you caught me. I just wanted to hold your hands."

Rolling my eyes, I question, "Are you ever serious?"

Glancing up from our hands, with a smirk, he answers, "With you, snow bunny, always."

"I'm sure," I state. 

Letting go of my hands, Adam puts the car in drive and heads out of the parking lot.

He announces, "There is one last place I want to show you." 

With my hands now thawed, I move to my arms, rubbing them to warm up further. I ask, "Are you going to tell me where we're going?" 

Tsking under his breathe, he replies, "The same as the other two times - it's a surprise. And here I thought you were a quick learner." 

I say,"You are so hilarious. Maybe you should take that act on the road. Do stand up."

Laughing, Adam says, "Oh, look who's funny now." 

Smiling, I state, "I'm hilarious." 

He continues to laugh while pulling up in front of one the largest churches I have ever seen. It's an older grey two story building with six large doors out front. The sign out front reads "St. Micheal's Catholic Church."

Stepping out of the car, I glance up at the spires on the building. It is a beautiful building.

Coming to stand beside me, Adam says, "Let's go inside."

Turning my head to look at him, I say, "Um, Adam. This is a little creepy. Why exactly are we here?" Of all the places I imagined him taking me, this wasn't even on my radar.

Chuckling, he states, "Aw, come on, Nat. My dad is the District Attorney, remember?" 

I retort, "Oh well, that makes me feel much better." 

Throwing an arm around me, Adam leads me to the front doors. "I promise I have honorable intentions. Plus, I'm Prince Charming. And it's well known Prince Charming is a gentleman."

Opening the door, we enter into a large open foyer. It's beautiful with four wine colored camel back sofas lining the hall, atop of dark wood flooring.

Adam continues onward, making a right and beckoning me to follow. We head to the end of the hallway and make our way down a set of stairs. Passing by several closed doors, Adam pauses at door with a simple door plaque reading, "Bishop Donovan". Knocking briefly, Adam waits before hearing a muffled response, then opens the door.

Opening the door, I find myself looking into a simple office adorned with bookshelves and a middle aged man sitting behind a large wood desk, staring back at me. He has salt and pepper hair with dark wire rimmed glasses. He smiles warmly when he sees us.

"Adam. It is good to see you." the man asserts.

Walking over to clasp his hands, Adam says, "Good seeing you, Father Donovan."

Bishop Donovan says, "We haven't seen you in a while. I trust you are staying out of trouble, or as much as you possibly can." He smiles warmly as he says this with a twinkle in his eye.

A chuckle escapes me before I can clamp down on it. I think I like this Bishop Donovan.

Bishop Donovan's friendly gaze lands on me. He asks, "And who is this lovely young lady?"

Placing his hand on my lower back, nudging me forward, Adam says, "This is my friend, Nat. Nat, this is Father Donovan."

Reaching out, Bishop Donovan clasps my hand in his and says, "It is a pleasure to meet you, my dear."

"Likewise," I respond.

Adam announces, "I wanted to show Nat my favorite spot in the church."

Linking his hands behind his back, Bishop Donovan sighs, "Ah, yes. The place where you attempted to avoid many a mass, no doubt." He sounds reproachful but his laughing eyes betray his seriousness.

Grinning, Adam says, "Father Donovan, I'm trying to make a good impression on Nat."

Matching my grin to Adam's, I reply, "Well, I think it's a little late for that."

Chuckling, Bishop Donovan says, "Adam, I think this lovely lady may already have your number."

"Maybe she does," Adam responds. "Well, Father, if you don't mind, I think I will go show Nat my hiding, er, my thinking spot."

With a wave of his hand, Bishop Donovan dismisses us and says, "Enjoy your day, you two. Feel free to take a look around."

Heading out the door, I find myself staring at Adam in wonder.

Showing me the town includes an ice cream shop, inner tubing and now a church.

Who is this guy?

So where exactly is Adam taking Nat? And a church on their first outing together?

Hmmm, what does Adam have planned?


  1. You have an amazing writing style! i am going to come back when to know where's Adan taking Nat. lovely! Thanks for sharing your post on SITS link up.
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    1. Thank you, Marwa! I appreciate the encouragement! Glad you stopped by.

  2. You won the Veronica Mars DVD from my blog. Congrats! Please e-mail me at with your address! Thank you.

    1. Awesome! I love that show and am excited about receiving the movie!


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