Sunday, March 16, 2014

Would You Like To Know All Of My Secrets

**Previous entry with Nat and Adam can be found here.

Driving away from the ice cream shop, I question, "So where't the next stop?"

Winking, Adam says, "Haven't you learned by now that I don't reveal my secrets."

Crossing my arms and rolling my eyes, I quip, "Your secrets? Like who killed JFK? Or what is dark matter?"

Adam declares, "Not those type of secrets. I'm talking about top secret stuff. Like what makes the best grilled cheese sandwich and when is the best time to go swimming."

Despite myself, I feel a smile tugging at the corner of my lips. I say, "Wow. That IS top secret stuff."

Adam says, "Yeah. It's classified stuff. If this information ever got into the wrong hands...well, it's difficult to say."

Pretending to think it over, I respond, "Well, I hate to break it to you but I think I already know your secrets."

Turning his head from the road to take a quick glance at me, Adam says, "Oh, really? You think you know my secrets."

Rising to the challenge, I state, "Everyone knows the perfect grilled cheese is made from American cheese, mozzarella cheese, avocado and bacon."

Chuckling, Adam concedes, "Point to you."

Continuing, I declare, "As for swimming, the best time to go swimming late evening during the hottest part of summer."

Pulling his truck into a parking lot, Adam puts the car into park. Turning his head toward me, Adam clarifies, "Well, you have part of the swimming secret correct but not all of it."

Tilting my head to the side, I say, "Then, please feel free to enlighten me."

Reaching his hand out he catches an unruly strand of hair and gently tucks it behind my ear. His hand pauses there at the base of my neck.

My pulse quickens at his touch. I force myself to swallow.

Adam whispers, "Would you like to know all of my secrets?"

This is a game, Nat. Just a game to him.

Except it doesn't feel like a game. It feels very real, especially with his hand on my neck.

Forcing myself to make things light, I say, "A guy like you is an open book. I think everyone knows your secrets."

His brow furrows. His look turns from playful to serious. He leans in and says, "I wouldn't be so sure about that."

Then as quickly as he leans in, he's gone. Back on his side of the truck.

Opening his door, he orders, "Come on out, snow bunny. Here's another surprise."

I shake my head as if to clear it.

What is it about this guy? Why does he unnerve me so?

I just need to remind myself that this is just a game to him. He's having fun.

What's wrong with having fun?


Especially if it ends in heartache.

*Waves.* Hi guys! Sorry it's been so long.

We went to Great Wolf Lodge a few weeks ago and the entire family caught the Bubonic Plague. Just now coming out of it.

Hope you liked this new post with Nat and Adam. I am enjoying their interplay.

I plan to have two posts up each week. Maybe one fiction and one personal post?

Unless life gets in the way. Which we ALL know how that goes....

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