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Stepping out of Adam's truck, I take in my surroundings. I see a long one story brick building with a flagpole out front and a playground.

Hurrying to catch up with Adam, I observe, "We are at an elementary school."

Adam says, "Indeed we are."

Shoving my hands in my pocket, I remark, "Okay. But why are we at an elementary school?"

Nudging me with his shoulder, Adam responds, "You'll see."

We pass the playground and head towards the back of the school. As we round the corner, I see several kids with inner tubes sliding down a hill in the back. A really big hill.

Raising my eyebrows, I say, "Tubing?"

Giving me that mega watt smile, Adam declares, "This is the best spot in town to go tubing."

Stating the obvious, I quip, "That may be but we don't have an inner tube."

Broadening his grin, he states, "I believe I can procure one for us."

Adam heads over to a group of boys. I can see him talking to them and gesturing to me. They laugh and hand over one of their inner tubes.

He walks back to me, looking triumphant.

Curiosity getting the better of me, I ask, "What did you say to get them to give you an inner tube?"

Shrugging, Adam answers, "I told them we had a bet to see who could go down the hill the fastest."

Broadening my grin to match his, I swipe the inner tube from his grip. "Well, it's going to be shame to have to lose in front of all these kids."

Throwing his head back and laughing, Adam says, "You think so, snow bunny?"

I plop myself down on the inner tube, reading myself for take off.

"Watch out for the little ledge halfway down," Adam says quietly in my ear.

I startle as I didn't realize he bent down to speak to me. His warmth breath stirs my hair. He chuckles.

"Got it," I quip.

Pushing myself off, I go shooting down the hill. Man-Boy Wonder is right. This is a lot of fun. I let out a whoop as I sail off the little ledge Adam warned me about. I can hear the kids cheering at the top.

Spinning towards the bottom, I come to a stop, grab the inner tube and make my trek up the hill.

I can't stop grinning like an idiot. That was a crap load of fun. 

Point to Adam.

Reaching the top, I hand Adam the inner tube. I state, "Your up, Man-Boy Wonder."

Winking at me, Adam says, "Watch this."

He lays on his stomach on the inner tube and pushes himself off. He shoots down the hill like a rocket.

Adam hoots and hollers all the way down. The kids are eating it up. Their chorus of shouts and yells matches Adams. 

Once Adam hits the ledge, he goes flying in the air and comes down with a thud, falling off and rolling to the bottom of hill. He comes to a stop, laying on his back.

"Adam!" I yell.

I make my way down the hill as fast as I can go, stumbling and falling to get there as fast as I can. At one point, I fall on my rear and slide the rest of the way.

Making my way over to Adam, I squat down beside him. His eyes are closed. Swallowing, I tentatively reach my hand out to move a strand of hair out of his eyes. I watch his chest rise and fall.

"Adam," I whisper. "Adam, are you okay?" 

Suddenly, his arms swing out, swiping my legs out from underneath me. I land on my butt. Unbalanced, I topple over and end up flat on my back with Adam hovering above me.

I narrow my eyes at him. "You were faking! I thought you were really hurt!" I bark.

Laughing Adam says, "Got ya."

Punching him in the shoulder, I respond, "You jerk."

Adam says, "It worked, didn't it?"

"What worked?" I grumble.

Giving me that lopsided grin of his, he answers, "Getting you right where I want you." 


It suddenly dawns on me that we are laying down. His body is very close to mine. So close that I can feel his body heat.

Or maybe I'm just imagining it.

This makes me all kinds of nervous. And turned on.

Wait. What?

I chew on my bottom lip as this thought runs through my head. Adam stares at my mouth. I watch his throat as he swallows.

He closes the distance between us. "Nat," he whispers. His warm breath tickles my cheek.

Then, from the top of the hill, I hear, "K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes loves then comes marriage..."

Dropping his head, Adam sighs. He pushes himself up. Standing, Adam offers me his hand.

Pulling me up, he grins and says, "Want to try again?" His eyes twinkle at me.

Somehow I don't think he's talking about inner tubing.

Fun, isn't it? And, dare I say, sexy. Rawr.

Writing about Nat and Adam is all kinds of fun. 

I hope you are enjoying reading as much as I am writing!

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