Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I Am Such An Idiot

**The previous post with Nat and Adam can be found here.

Leaning in, he pauses as he looks me in the eye, silently asking if I want him to stop.



His warm breath tickles my face. He ever so gently brushes his lips against mine. It's the faintest whisper of a kiss.

This is nearly my undoing.

Adam deepens the kiss and my body moves of it's own accord. I feel myself scooting closer to him.

This is nice. Very nice.

First an ice cream shop. Then, tubing. Now, a church library.

A church library.

We are making out in a church library!

And mom. I was just thinking how mom would have loved this place.

I feel embarrassed. And shameful.

I barely even know this guy! This very hot, ridiculously charming guy.

Summoning all my willpower, I pull back from Adam. He looks at me in confusion. His eyes are bright, his lips are swollen and his cheeks are flushed.

He looks even more amazing.

Get your head on straight, Nat!

Trying to make light of the situation, I quip, "We are in a church."

Looking quite serious, he replies, "I am aware of that."

Playfully punching him the chest, I state, "No. We are in a church. Making out. With Father Donovan down the hall."

Shrugging, Adam questions, "So what's the big deal?"

Rolling my eyes, I mutter, "I thought I just covered that."

Grabbing my hand and lacing his fingers through mine, he responds, "Look Nat - ."

But he doesn't get to finish because a voice from below interrupts, "Adam? Adam, are you and Nat still here?"

Giving me a wicked wink and a smile, Adam hops up and leans over the railing.

"We are up here, Father Donovan," he replies.

Father Donovan makes his way up the stairs. He grins looking back and forth between Adam and me. Adam appears completely at ease.

Oh please just let the floor open up and swallow me.

Father Donovan announces, "Please tell your mother that I will be attending her fundraiser for the children's hospital this weekend. I thought I had sent in my RSVP card earlier but I found it in a stack of papers just now."

Uh huh. I bet you did, Father Donovan. Just right at this very moment.

It almost seems like he was trying to catch us.


That means he knew Adam and I might make-out. Like maybe he kissed other girls in the church library before. Like this is a pattern for him.

The first cute guy in a long time gives me the slightest bit of interest and I'm willing to throw myself at him.

I am such an idiot.

Adam smiles that lopsided grin of his and says, "I'd be happy to, Father. I know mom will be glad you can attend."

Clasping Adam on the back, Father Donovan responds, "Thank you, Adam. Now what else do the two of you have planned for the day?"

I blurt out, "I have to get home."

Adam looks at me like I have something sticking out of my head.

I continue, "My dad bought The Cozy Nook. He's up to his eyeballs in inventory and he could really use my help. There are probably books stacked everywhere. He's needs help with the spreadsheet. Dad's not real great with technology."

Oh geez. Here come the nerves. There goes the verbal diarrhea.

They're baaaack! Nat and Adam have been on vacation while I returned to posting my usually witty personal antidotes.

What?! MOST of them are witty.

Nat just makes me laugh. And Adam. *Swoon.* He may just be Prince Charming. Or Prince Charming mischievous brother, Prince Handsome.

I think I may have to work on another post right now...


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