Saturday, June 14, 2014

What My Kids Are Reading #1

My boys love to read. We are always at the library picking out new books to take home. We read many of books at bedtime with each kid picking out 2 each. At some point throughout the day, we cuddle up to read a few stories.

Lately, L(3) follows me around the house carrying a book asking me to read to him. "Will you read to me, mama? Will you read to me?"

I think my uterus may explode from the cuteness. 


But enough about my uterus!

Let's talk about books.

I am introducing a new segment called "What My Kids Are Reading". I will post a picture of their current favorite book and give a brief summary.

I am very excited about this idea because 1) I love reading and 2) I hope to encourage others (whether it be kids or adults) to read and enjoy books as much as I do.

Currently, my kids love The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water by Gemma Merino.

L walks around reciting the story all the time. Sometimes he will have the book in hand. Other times he is playing and talking to himself.

So cute.

This is frequently requested by both J(5) and L for story time each night.

They both really love this book.

While searching for another book at our local bookstore, I saw this one lying on the counter. The cute cover caught my eye so I picked it up. After a quick skim, I decided to get it for the boys.

This little story is about a crocodile who doesn't like the water but his brothers and sisters do. This little crocodile likes climbing trees, but nobody else does. He really wants to play with his brothers and sisters so he makes up his mind to play in the water. He soon finds out he isn't a crocodile at all. He's a dragon!

This is such a cute story with a wonderful message. The message is about becoming the person you were meant to be. Kind of like a modern take on The Ugly Duckling.

If you are looking for a cute read with a wonderful message, this book will not disappoint.

Happy Reading!


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