Saturday, May 3, 2014

Maybe He Really Is Prince Charming

**The previous post with Nat and Adam can be found here.

"Come on. I'll show you." Adam says as he heads towards the staircase closest to him.

I take my time walking over there. I imagine what it would have been like to be some of the first people in this beautiful library.

After climbing the staircase, I find him sitting on a window bench under a stained glass window depicting Noah's Ark.

Pointing to the window, Adam declares, "This one. This is my favorite."

Looking at the glass, I see an enormous boat in the water in front of a rainbow. And in front of the rainbow flies a dove with a branch in his beak.

Sitting down beside him, I ask, "Why Noah's Ark?"

Smirking, he replies, "Isn't it obvious? It's about hope."

"And you thought this as an eight year old kid hiding from mass?" I question, raising my eyebrow in doubt.

Spreading his hands wide, Adam teases, "What can I say? I was a really insightful kid."

Shaking my head, I counter, "I'm not buying it."

Laughing, Adam concedes, "Okay. I liked them because I thought it would be cool to be on a giant boat with lions and giraffes."

"Now that sounds about right," I state.

Reaching out, Adam takes my hand. "But now, I like it because it sends a message of hope. And I think hope is a very good thing." He admits, giving me that lopsided grin.

His face is sincere. He does really mean what he says. And he wants me to believe it too.

I find myself looking into Adam's eyes. He has the greenest eyes I've ever seen. 

Kind of like an emerald. But way better.

And in a cuter package.

They get darker as they get closer to his pupils. They hold so much depth.

And right now. Honesty. Humor. Compassion.

Maybe he really is Prince Charming.


He exists only in fairy tales, Nat.

And yet...

Adam rubs his thumb in slow circles on my palm. I think he means it as a comforting gesture.

However, it is having the opposite affect on me.

I feel a fire in my belly that begins to spread outward. I know my face is aflame. 

"Adam," I begin.

His hand stills in mine.

"What did you say?" He asks.

"Um, I said your name," I offer lamely.

Smiling, he says, "You have never said my name before."

I shove him playfully with my other hand. "Oh sure I have."

Pretending to think about it, Adam answers, "Nope. No, you most definitely haven't."

Rolling my eyes, I state, "You are too much."

Reaching out, he takes a stray piece of wayward hair and tucks it behind my ear. His hand lingers there.

"I like hearing you say my name." Adam says, quietly. He is looking at me with so much intensity. So much want.

Nobody has ever looked at me this way.

Swallowing, I tell myself to pull it together. Don't let my hormones take control. My brain is in charge, not my body.

But right now, my body is telling my brain to shove it.

Here's another post with Nat and Adam. I like these two.

Adam seems like the seasoned veteran when it comes to relationships and Nat is definitely new to all of this.

I can't wait to see where it goes...

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