Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Bunny

Closing my eyes, I let the cold air sting my cheeks. Feel the wind whip through my hair.

This is my favorite trail. 

Stevens Pass.

Most people like the speed of skiing but, me, I like cross country the best.

Standing on top of the hill, a bump really, I survey the area. Scan the horizon. Take it all in. 

Snow falls all around me. Sticking out my tongue, I catch one on the end. It reminds me of when I was little. It makes me smile.

Pulling my ski goggles down on my face, I focus. Last bit of the trail to go.

My calves burn in protest at the 3 miles I've already gone.

Steadying my breathing, I take measured deep breaths. In and out. In and out. In and out.

I'm ready.

Holding my poles, I crouch down and launch myself off.

The wind whips around me in swirl of snow, but at this moment, I am untouchable.

This. This is what makes me feel like I am the only person left in the universe. Just me and the elements.

My heart races. My pulse speeds up.

From my peripheral vision, I see a figure heading my way. I swerve to avoid a collision.

At the last second, a snowboarder cuts me off, flies over the small outcropping and lands easily in the white fluff.

Heat rises to my cheeks. Anger flares in my belly.

Who is this jerk? Do they think they can just cut someone off on the middle of the trail? Where does this person get off?!

Determined to give this person a piece of my mind, I push forward, willing myself to go faster. Anger giving me the extra boost I need to push myself to the end of the trail.

As I near the end, I see the assailant at the bottom, stepping out of their snowboard.

Coming close to the person, I cut my skis to the right and jab my poles into the snow. Ouch. That hurt a little.

Angrily, I snatch the goggles off my face.

"What is your problem?" I yell.

Turning to look at me, my assailant turns their head in my direction. I know they are looking at me but they don't say a word. Just silently stare at me through their goggles.

Not speaking unnerves me somewhat but I continue on. "You know", I state, deciding to change tactics, "it is considered bad form to cut someone off on the trails. But maybe you are a newbie and aren't familiar with the rules."

At this, Rude Pants throws back their head and laughs. A deep throaty laugh. A laugh that sounds a lot like a male.

In one fail swoop, he takes off his goggles and his hat. He tilts his head to the side, studying me.

I'm momentarily stunned. I find myself looking into the greenest eyes I've ever seen. I take in his unruly brown wavy hair and his lopsided grin.

Oh crap. THIS is the jerk that cut me off?! This cannot be happening. I must have fallen and hit my head as I tumbled down the mountain and this is a unconscious vision or something.

Before me, in all his glory, stands Adam Waters. The captain of the snow boarding team. The student government president. All around nice guy and God's gift to women everywhere.

Or at least he thinks that. And the majority of our female college population if I am honest about it.

Smirking, he says, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you owned this mountain."

Anger flares it ugly head. I feel heat rising to my cheeks.

Stabbing my finger at his chest, I state, "Look you, I don't care who you are. You cannot just go and cut people off like that. Someone could get hurt."

Still smiling that infuriating smile, he answers, "So, you know who I am."

Shaking my head, I bend down and unfasten my boots, not giving him the satisfaction of answering.

"So you know who I am but I do not know who you are? That hardly seems fair. And I would have remembered you."

Gathering up, my skis and my poles, I glance up to face him.

I am momentarily stunned by him. 

His green eyes twinkle at me. My eyes drop to his mouth that tries to hold back the grin that threatens. Nice mouth. Heat flushes up my neck and into my cheeks. Get a grip, Nat! This guy is a jerk!

"I'm someone who thinks you are a world class jerk," I snap.

Then, turning on my heel, I stomp off.

He yells, "A real pleasure! I look forward to running into you again, snow bunny!" His laughter bellows behind me.

What a jerk?! A really cute jerk with nice eyes and an even nicer mouth, but still! A jerk.

So...I haven't written any fiction in a while. But, I had this story come to me while waiting in line to get gas in the car. (It's a glamorous life I lead, I know.)
Anyway, I thought I would write it down before it got away from me.
What do you guys think? Like it? Not like it? Wish it was Maddie and Jake?
PS I edited it to make it seem more plausible as I am far from an expert on snow sports. Any sport really. Wait! Is shopping considered a sport?


  1. I like it!! But I feel like on a cliff hanger with the other story!

    1. Thanks, Shari! I haven't been inspired to write about Maddie/Jake/Sam. I didn't mean to leave you hanging! Maybe I'll find some inspiration here soon...
      Merry Christmas!


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