Thursday, March 14, 2013

Starting To Feel Different

Walking down the hall behind Jake, I wonder where he is leading me.  I'm curious as to what he considers the best part of the lodge.

Gesturing with his right hand, he says, "These first two rooms are Michael and Quinn's rooms. Across the hall is the bathroom."

Bypassing by the guys' bedrooms, I steal a quick glance inside the bathroom. "This is has got to be the largest bathroom I have ever seen. I like the claw foot tub. It's gorgeous!"

Chuckling, Jake says, "Women and their bathtubs." 

As I follow him out of the bathroom, Jake inclines his head to the left, "Here's my room." His door is ajar and he pushes it open the rest of the way.

Quickly, poking my head inside, I take a look around. There's a large desk against the back wall holding a computer. I see a large wood fireplace with an old wooden mantle to the right of the room. Directly across from the fireplace, is a huge, king size for post bed. Covers and pillows are strewn everywhere. I can feel myself blushing. For crying out loud! Get your mind out of the gutter, Maddie.

Crossing my arms, I say, "Really? Does that line really work? Telling the ladies you'll show them "the best part", then taking them to your room." How gulliable can a person be?!

Scratching his chin and feigning confusion, he says, "It didn't work? Hmm. Most women fall for it."

"You are so hilarious. Maybe you should take your act on the road." I retort.

Chuckling, he says, "Maddie, I'm teasing you. You are the first person outside of Michael, Quinn and my family that have seen the place." Wow. I'm the only girl he's ever had here. My insides feel warm and fuzzy.

Jake points to the room at the end of the hallway. "That's the best part." he says. He turns his head to look at me and nudges me with his shoulder. "Go on. You know you want to see what's behind that door." He's smiling at me, smug. Okay, let's see what's so special about this room.

Stepping around Jake, I head to the end of the hall and open the door. Of all the things I thought I'd find, this is the least likely.

It's a library. A huge, beautiful library with books lining the walls from floor to ceiling. There's a rolling ladder for each wall of books. On the right side, there is a wood fireplace flanked by sweeping bookcases. There are two armchairs and a couch in the middle of the room in front of the fireplace.

But, the back wall is what holds my attention. There's a beautiful bay window that reaches up two stories with a window seat.

"Oh Jake." I breathe. "This is beautiful." I walk over and run my hand over the seat cushion. Leaning against the window frame, I gaze out the window at all of the trees and greenery. I can just imagine sitting here with a good book.

"I told you this was the best part." he says. He startles me as I did not hear him come up behind me.

"It totally is. Do you spend a lot of time here?" I ask.

Jake sits down beside me and turns his head to look out the window. "After my dad passed away, I decided I needed a purpose. A reason to get up and get out of bed every morning. So I bought this place. It started out as a chore but now I really love it."

Reaching over, I take his hand in mine. "Jake." I say quietly. "I'm sorry about your dad. I can't imagine how that must feel. I'm glad you have this place."

Looking down at our two entwined hands, he says, "Thanks Maddie." He starts to rub small circles with his thumb over the top of my hand. "You know. I remember that day, Maddie." Jake whispers. Okay, now this is starting to feel different.

I decide to take the obvious route. "Jake, what do you remember?" I quip. "That I tutored you in the library for American Civics one afternoon after school? Yeah. That was really memorable." Good job, Maddie. That was exactly what happened. Stick to the facts.

Glancing up at me through those long lashes, Jake says, "Yes, Maddie. You did tutor me in American Civics that afternoon. But I remember that if Quinn hadn't interrupted us, we would have ended up sharing our first kiss." 

My mouth is dry and my heart rate starts to speed up. Whew boy. He went there.

"Jake, how could you know that?" I question. Yeah, play dumb. Because that has worked SO well in the past.

Suddenly, Jake springs up and stalks towards me. I back up but I run into the bookcases. There is no place for me to go.

Jake says, "I know Maddie because we were standing the same way we are standing now."

"Jake." I whisper. Isn't this what I've wanted for a long time?

Jake places both hands on my hips and says, "I've wanted you for a long time, Maddie." Cheese and biscuits! Thank goodness I am leaning against this bookcase and his hands are on my hips or I would be a big, gooey pile on the floor.

Leaning down, he trails small kisses along my collar bone, my neck, then my jaw. He nuzzles my neck and quietly says, "I feel how your body reacts to me, Maddie. You want me to." And, the floor drops out.

Pulling back to look at me, he gives me that lopsided grin and says, "I'm really glad you're here."

And with that, he leans down and his mouth finds mine. I melt into him as realize this is what I wanted to happen. This is really the whole reason I got on that bike. I was hoping I would get to have another crazy make-out session with Jake. Or maybe more. Geez! When did I turn into such a horn dog?!

My arms go around his neck and my hands run though his hair. Jake gives a small moan as he picks me up and carries me to the window seat. He sits down with me straddling him.

I decide to return the favor and begin kissing his neck, then jawline. His hands go under my shirt and find the small of my back. He presses me to him.

Maddie? Hello Maddie? Earth to Maddie! What are you doing? What about Sam?

I untangle myself from Jake and stand up, albeit reluctantly.

"Maddie?" Jake asks. I can see the question in his eyes.

"I can't do this." I say.

Here's another longer entry with Jake and Maddie. Let's see where it takes us...


  1. (First, I REALLY want a library like that!)

    Excellent excerpt! I'd like to know more about Sam. I remember him and Maddie fought but I don't know the context of their relationship. As much as I loooove Jake's story line, this one left me wondering about Sam and why she stopped with Jake because of Sam.

  2. Love the library. Love Jake. Love the description. I had my first take at writing a romance scene in my piece this week. I found myself very nervous about actually writing what was taking place. Scared my mom or grandma might read it or something, I don't know? You did well.


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