Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh No He Didn't!

Growing up, my brother and I often butted heads.  I am four years older than him and around five foot five.  My brother is a BIG guy who is around 6'1 and 250.

But none of this would matter when we would scrap.

I might be smaller, but man, I'm scrappy. And he will even tell you to this day that I can take him.

I was always the goody two shoes, teachers pet, and walked the straight and narrow.  My brother, well....he wasn't.

Now, I love my brother. Sometimes I want to wring his neck, but I love him. (I'm sure he can say the same for me. That's how siblings roll, right?)

One time in particular still haunts me.

Growing up, mom would make certain meals and desserts that were common staples. One of these desserts was chocolate pie.

Oh man! Do I love my mom's chocolate pie?!

One night, mom made chocolate pie and everyone had a slice.  There was about half the pie left over.  I remember thinking that I would have a piece of pie when I got home from school the next day.

At lunch, after attempting to eat some of the school food, I was wistfully dreaming about digging into that chocolate pie once I got home.

After school, I ran inside, threw my backpack on the couch and headed for the kitchen. I slung open the fridge and found an empty pie container.

My brother had eaten the rest of the pie!  A HALF OF A PIE. AND to add insult to injury, he left the empty pie container in the fridge to taunt me.

Oh. No. He. Didn't.

Messing with my food is like messing with my emotions.

Man, oh man! I went looking for my brother and we definitely went a round or two that day.

To be fair, he wasn't doing it to spite me. He just skipped school (as usual) and went looking for something to eat. 

*Thinking about it.* 

Okay, maybe he did taunt me since he left the pie plate in the fridge. 

Point to my brother.

Fast forward to present day.

Hubby and I love to get this particular type of smoked salmon at Sam's. It is yummo. I mean make-you-smack-your-mama good. (Just kidding! I'd never smack my mama...unless she tried to take my salmon. Kidding! Well, mostly..)

Anyway, we came home from Sam's and fixed ourselves a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon. So. So. Yummy.

After lunch, we put the salmon away and went about our business.

The next day, I woke up thinking about that yummy salmon and decided I would have some for lunch. (What?! You don't dream about your food?)

When lunchtime came, I opened the fridge to search for the salmon and IT WAS ALL GONE.

I am not afraid to say I was a little worked up.

Me: Where's the salmon?

Hubby: I ate it last night.

Me: *Murderous look in my eyes.* You ate all of it?

Hubby: Yeah.

Me: I dreamed of a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon! I was thinking about it all morning!

Hubby: *Knowing the history of the chocolate pie can see this is going downhill fast.* It's no big deal. Let's just go to Sam's and get some more.

Me: Like right now?!

Hubby: Sure. Let's go.

Hubby could see where this was going and it was going to lead to a dark, dark place. He knew how to talk me down from the ledge. He knew how to calm the savage beast that is my food craving.

Very wise of you, dear Hubby.  Very, very wise.

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