Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pregnancy: It's Anybody's Guess

Finally some clarity!!

After having J, we decided we would like to have another baby one day so J could have a sibiling.  We thought it would be nice for J to have that special relationship. We never really talked about when we would like to have another baby. (This is the story of our discovery of being pregnant with L who is now 18 months old.)

Jeff, J and I are just living life, going along our merry way.  Jeff and I just had a baby and we are enjoying all of the wonderful new experiences.  It's the three of us against the world!  J is growing, exploring and learning. (At this time, he is 13 months.)

One day, I wake up and am not feeling well.  My head is killing me, I feel nauseous, and I am exhausted. (Yes, I know all new parents are exhausted. But this was a whole different exhausted.) I feel like dirt, like the stuff on the bottom of your shoe.

(Calling Jeff at work) Me: Honey, I don't feel so good.  I feel sick to my stomach and my head hurts.  Do you think you can come home?

Jeff: Sorry, you don't feel so good.  Yes, I think I can take off.  I'll come home after lunch.

Jeff comes home from work and I am feeling much better.  Don't feel sick to stomach or have a headache anymore.

Jeff: I see you have made a miraculous recovery.

Me: Ha ha.  I tell you I felt awful this morning but I am feeling much better.  I am sooo tired though.

Jeff: Maybe your pregnant. *Smirk.*

(Light bulb goes on.) Me: You know, that is a possibility.  I wonder if I am pregnant.

Jeff: I was just kidding.

Me: No, you might be right.  Maybe that's it.  I could be pregnant!

Jeff: You're not pregnant.

So, I go and take a pregnancy test.  It the kind that actually says 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant'.  The test says 'Not Pregnant'.

Me: It says 'Not Pregnant'.

Jeff: See, I told you.

So, I figure the test confirmed that I am not pregnant so let's take that off the list.  No need to worry or think about that anymore.

Two weeks later, I am still having bouts of nausea, headaches and exhaustion.  I mean I am soooo tired.  I would stab someone in the eye with a fork for an hour nap.  That is how tired I am.  So. Stinking. Tired.

One night, Jeff fixes his world famous fish tacos.  (Okay, they are not world famous but they are super yummy.) He sits my plate full of fish tacos down in front of me.

(Looking at and smelling fish tacos) Me: I think I am going to vomit.

Jeff: Gee, thanks honey. Awesome.

Me: No, it's not the food.  I think I am pregnant.

Jeff: You took a pregnancy test that said you weren't pregnant.

Me: I think it was wrong.

Jeff: *Sigh.* Michelle, you are not pregnant.

Me: I'm going to take a pregnancy test right now.

I head up stairs to take a pregnancy test.  The only one I have is the one with the 'plus' or 'minus' sign.  Plus = Pregnant.  Minus = Not Pregnant.  So I take the test.  I see a very, very faint 'Plus' sign.

(Walking out of the bathroom, waving the pregnancy test around) Me: See, I told you I thought I was pregnant.

Jeff: Let me see.

(Showing him the stick) Me: See the 'Plus' sign. It means I'm pregnant.

Jeff: You can barely see it.  It doesn't count.

Me:  What do you mean it doesn't count?!  Clearly, there is a 'Plus' sign.  It doesn't matter if it is light or not.

Jeff: It is so faint.  You can't even see it.  It doesn't even really look like a 'Plus' sign.  It looks more like a 'Minus' sign.

Me:  Honey, it's obvious it is a 'Plus' sign.  I'm pregnant.  I'm pregnant! I can't believe I'm pregnant again. We are going to have another baby.

Jeff: Your not pregnant.  You can't even see it.

All throughout the day, we go back and forth. (I'll spare you the entire transcript of our conversation as riveting as it is.)  Jeff finally decides to go out and buy me one of the pregnancy tests that tell you if you are pregnant.  Obviously, this stupid 'Plus' or 'Minus' test is not getting the job done.

After taking the test, I smugly come out of the bathroom holding the stick and lean against the doorway.

Me: See, it says 'Pregnant'. I am pregnant!

Jeff: Well, you are pregnant.  Do you feel better now?

Me: Do I feel better?  You were the one who said I wasn't pregnant.

Jeff: Well, you could barely see the 'Plus' sign.

Here we go again....


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! (Mostly for winning the argument, but also for being pregnant!) :-)

    1. I'll take the congratulations on winning the argument but pass on the pregnancy! This post was when I found out I was pregnant with our second, L, who is now 18 months. :)

  2. We were trying, and my husband was nicer about it, but he said "I don't see it." I was so mad. How can you not see it?! It says on the box! Even a faint line is a LINE! :eye roll: I am definitely pregnant (12 weeks).

    Congratulations! A happy and healthy pregnancy to you!

    1. Thanks for the congratulations, however I am not currently pregnant. This was when I was pregnant with L our second child. L is now 18months. Sorry I didn't make it clearer!
      I totally understand about the faint looking "plus" sign. Too vague! I want the test to say the words "Pregnant"!!
      Congratulations to you on your pregnancy! It is a crazy, wonderful ride! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the congratulations, but I am not currently pregnant! This was a post about my discovery of being pregnant with my youngest who is 18 months. :)

  4. Ha! That sounds like a conversation my husband and I would have! Finding out you're pregnant is such an awesome thing! Well, for most... It certainly was for me and it sounds like it was for you. Loved this!

    (Thanks for linking this up over at #findingthefunny last week!)


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