Monday, October 6, 2014

What My Kids Are Reading #5

The library.

As you know, it is one of our favorite places.

We are there quite often, even though not as much now that school has started. 

The boys love looking at the toys, playing on the computer, and especially looking for new, interesting books to read.

One of our recent favorites is Small Saul by Ashley Spires.

This book is about a pirate, Saul, who is small in stature and does things very different from most other pirates.

Saul likes to sing sea shanties instead of swabbing the decks. He got a bunny tattoo instead of a skull and crossbones.

This book is funny and silly and the boys love that. They love all of the illustrations and the things that Saul does.

But it is also a great book about being yourself, even if it's different from everybody else.

This is why I love this book.

If you have little ones who love pirates or just want a cute read with a good message, check this book out. You won't be disappointed. 


  1. Looks like a cute book and thanks for reminding me that I have books to return!!


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