Monday, November 3, 2014

Is It Just Me Or Is This Wallenda Guy An Idiot?

Sometimes people do stupid things and you just have to say something. You cannot NOT say something.

But "Michelle", you say, "People do stupid things everyday. Do you have to comment on them all day, everyday?"

Good point.

However, sometimes you see something SO stupid and SO idiotic, you just have to stand up and say something because you would burst from attempting to keep it all in inside.

Nik Wallenda, I'm talking to you.

Let me understand.

You walked across a 3/4 inch tightrope 800 feet above ground in Chicago without a harness or a net to catch you if you fall, then you turn around to do it again blindfolded. All the while your wife and three children are close by watching the whole thing.


Is it just me or is this Wallenda guy an idiot?

Okay. I get that you like to be famous. You even talk about how famous your grandfather was.

But your grandfather was famous BECAUSE HE FELL TO HIS DEATH.

Being famous is probably pretty cool. But you know what else is cool?


Maybe you are an adrenaline junkie.


If it's thrills and chills you seek, I've got some for you.

How about:

Going to the grocery and not taking a grocery list?!

Leaving Chuck E Cheese and not using hand sanitizer?!

Ask a female relative who you haven't seen in a while if she's pregnant!

Give an electronic toy for a four year old, then don't give them any batteries!

I know, right?!



You can experience ALL sorts of scary stuff to give you an adrenaline rush without being 800 feet up and falling to your death in front of your family to scar them for life.

But if this doesn't scare you enough, Wallenda, maybe you can take it up a notch.

Next time, you can go blindfold AND drunk.



  1. Haha When he did his previous stunt, I thought he was crazy. Seeing his interviews though, he truly seems to feel that this is his family business and he wants to carry it on. It's something I never would do, but if he feels compelled to, good for him. I can't watch though, too stressful!


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