Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What My Kids Are Reading #4

The boys and I love going to the local bookstore close to our house. It is situated right beside a large pond that houses a billion ducks. (Okay, not exactly a billion, but close.) We come armed with our bread to feed them which is always an adventure.

After feeding the ducks, we head inside the bookstore to check out any new books they may have as well as to take a look at all of their cool toy displays.

This book was among many others on a table that was featuring fun at the beach. Since the boys had such a great time at the beach this year, I decided to grab this book for them.

This book is about Fergus and his baby brother, Dink, who go searching for treasure on the beach. And the best treasure they find is a surfboard they name 'Dave'.

Fergus doesn't want to ride the surfboard because of the 'lurking, irking ickiness factor of the water'. But things happen and Fergus does end up on the surfboard where he discovers he likes surfing and being in the water.

My boys love this book because of the funny faces the characters make and because they are both brothers.

I love this book because it is about facing your fears and overcoming them.

This is a cute read for any kid who loves the beach or the water or just a fun story.

Happy Reading!


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