Thursday, August 28, 2014

All My Tiny Babies

*Cue the music.* "All my tiny babies! All my tiny babies! All my tiny babies!" sung to the tune of All The Single Ladies.

During the summer, looking forward to this school year, I knew I would be sad when my 5 year old started kindergarten. 

So I reminded myself that both my 3 and 5 year olds would be in school for part of the day leaving me with a few hours to myself. 

All of my babies are in school!

This will be a good thing!

I will be able to do some things for me!

Things like take a shower without an audience!

Pee with no one on my lap asking for a story!

Actually write an entire blog post!

Read from an actual book during daylight hours!


I miss our conversations.

I miss their little faces.

I miss their laughter.

I miss their hugs.

I miss their curiosity.

I miss hearing their ninja or superhero sound effects.

I miss their request for one more story or one more cookie.

I miss them.

I know this is a good thing.

It will give me time to remind myself that I am more than just a mom. Time to dust off those boxes within myself labeled "friend", "writer", "volunteer".

It is the first step on the boys journeys to becoming who they are meant to be.

It is another chapter in my life rediscovering who I am meant to be.

All good things.

I'll just be sure to grab an extra hug or two when I pick them up from school.

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