Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What My Kids Are Reading #3

While at the library the other day, I was skimming through some of the many new children's books they had. On impulse, I saw this one and checked it out, thinking maybe the boys would like it.

The book is 'Starring Me and You', by Genevieve Cote.

Turns out the boys love this book! They love the different ways the characters express themselves and they giggle at their facial expressions.

This book is about two friends who want to put on a play. They experience the same emotions but they express them in different ways. The friends also have to compromise to put on their play.

This is a great book for kids to see how people can differently express emotions as well as understanding what it means to compromise. 

The books ends with, "Whatever we are, whatever we do, the stage is always big enough for me and you."

So glad I picked this one up!


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