Saturday, November 3, 2012

I Don't Even Like Ham

One afternoon while Baby L was napping, Jeff and I were hanging out in our room with J. We were watching PBS.

I adore PBS.  They have great non-violent, educational cartoons for the kids and they have a lot of great programming for adults. Jeff and I like their nature shows and their musical performances.

This particular day, we were watching a biography on The Mamas and The Papas.

J was playing with some toys and wasn't really watching the TV.  Every once and a while, he would look up and watch for a minute, then go back to playing.

At one point, the biography showed The Mamas and The Papas up on stage singing.  J looks up at the TV and listens to them sing for a minute.

J: *Pointing at the TV.* That looks like you, Mama.

Me: What?!  Who looks like me?

J: *Walks up to TV and points to Mama Cass.* You look like her.

Jeff: *Sprawled out on the bed. Roaring with laughter.*

Me: *Stifling a laugh.* You think I look like her?! I don't look like her!

Jeff: *Now howling with laughter with tears streaming down his face.*

J: *Smiling. Looking from Jeff to me. Starts laughing.*

Me: *Rolls my eyes. Shakes my head.* I'm gonna get you, J!

My baby thinks I look like Mama Cass!!  OMG! This is the lady that is rumored to have choked on a ham sandwich.  No disrespect but this lady was a really huge lady! There is no way I look like her. I don't even like ham!
Okay folks, I know I have not returned to the glory days of my pre-baby body shape but I'm only a few pounds above my previous weight post-baby. (Granted things sit a little differently. *Ahem.*) But I am no where near her size!

Why would my sweet boy say that to me?! Maybe to get me fired up?  If so, it worked! Maybe to be funny? It made Jeff roar with laughter. (What a little comedian!)

I believe he was talking about her hair. We both have similar hair styles - long and dark brown. At least I THINK that's what he meant.  

Let's go with that.


  1. Stopping by from sits! To funny! You never know what may come out of a little ones mouth!

    1. Stephanie, so true! These little ones have no internal filter. They say what's on their minds!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. TOTALLY ABOUT THE HAIR!!! Seriously. Go. With. That. ;)

    1. Yes, it was OBVIOUSLY about the hair. That is definitely the reason for the comparison.


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