Saturday, February 20, 2016

Well, Hello Stranger!






*Shifts weight.*

It's been a while.

A year to be exact.

And you're probably wondering (all five of you) "Where the heck have you been?!"

Well, I guess the short answer is I've been busy.



That is such a ridiculous answer!

Because everyone is busy.

We all just decide how we spend our time.

I really enjoy writing. It is a creative outlet for me. And it brings me so much satisfaction so see a piece all come together.

But I also enjoy doing a lot of other things too.

Like laundry and dirty dishes.


But seriously, there many things I enjoy. Playing tag with my boys.  Reading a good book. Drinking my ginormous coffee drink from a certain coffee place we all know and love. Snuggling with Hubby and boys for our Friday Family Movie night. Having that "aha moment" during a sermon at church. Catching up with a good friend. Just to name a few.

All of these things I enjoy.

Don't get me wrong.

This past year hasn't been all sunshine, glitter and rainbows. 

(Actually, forget glitter. Glitter is the devil.)

This past year was also filled with stomach viruses, trips to the ER, fender benders, strep throat and some good old fashioned screaming and yelling.

And of course those things we have to do. 

You know. The "being an adult stuff". (Blah.)

However, I am going to try to come back to writing because I do love it. I am going to write when the mood strikes me. And I won't feel guilty about it because I am doing something for me.

I think it is not only good for me but good for my family to take some time for myself.

I am not only "Mommy" and "Wife".

I am "Michelle".


*Moonwalks. Cabbage patches. Does the worm.*

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