Friday, April 26, 2013

The Movie Matching Game: Take 2

Back in September, I wrote about some movie titles that sound like they could be about parenting.

While watching a new movie trailer, it got me thinking about other movie titles that could have been parenting movies. (Spielberg, call me.)

Night of The Living Dead - This movie would be about parenting a newborn. Because after a week of getting up in the middle of the night, you feel (and look) like the walking dead.

Psycho - This one is about 'The Terrible Twos'. Let's face it. Toddlers can be a bit cray cray. For instance, here's a sample of a conversation between me and Baby L. Baby L: Milk, mama. Milk. Me: You want milk? Baby L: No! MILK! Uh, isn't that what I just said? See, psycho!

The Usual Suspects -  Can find something? Discovered spilled chocolate milk? Legos thrown all over the living room? Just stepped on a dried chunk of Play-Doh left out overnight? I think we all know the culprits.

Memento - Remember how keen your memory was before kids? Grocery list?! Ha! You didn't need no stinking grocery list! You could go to the store, think about all of the things you needed and you bought them all WITHOUT A LIST. Now that you have kids? Well, let's just say you might want to set a reminder to brush your teeth or put pants on.
The Hunger Games - Know how your little ones only eat 12 things and none of them are good for them?  Well, this movie is about the battle of getting your kids to eat healthy. Getting them to eat their veggies. Maybe you can bribe them to eat their veggies by offering them dessert? (What?! I'm not above bribery, people!) 

Speed - Think you can leisurely go to the bathroom or take your time doing the dishes after you have kids? Wrong! After you have kids, you strive to become master of speed. You become the speediest pee-er, the speediest cleaner, the speediest toothbrusher, the speediest diaper changer. Get ready.

Clear and Present Danger - As a parent, you will be able to walk into a public place and within 20 seconds scan the entire area and assess the potential dangers to your child. And it's a good thing too! Because nine times out of ten, they will find all of them before you leave.

Tangled - I remember when Hubby and I got our king sized bed. It felt ginormous! Now, when one of the kids sleep in bed with us, it feels like the size of a postage stamp. And all of their sleep positions! Forget it! If your kid is like mine, they resemble a whirling dervish. Knee here, elbow there, head on your stomach, laying horizontally. You name it.

Sherlock Holmes - Your kids will lose everything. A lot. When they just had it 5 minutes ago. You will have to use your super sleuthing skills to locate said object. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box! The refrigerator? Why not?! The toilet? You bet! These items are often in the most unlikely places.
Life Is Beautiful - You know when you go into your kid's room to check on them while their sleeping? You gaze upon that sweet face, enveloped in dreams, snuggled under the covers, and your heart is so full of love for this little person that you helped to create. Yeah, that. Because our children really do make life beautiful.
This is by no means an exhaustive list (even though I am exhausted).
What do you guys think? Are there any movies titles that come to mind that could obviously be parenting movies? 

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