Sunday, June 16, 2013

Suck It, Pinterest

Today is Father's Day! 

Let me first say 'Happy Father's Day to my Hubby'. Thanks for being there. For being there for midnight bottles, dirty diapers, making pancakes, hugs for skinned knees, playing superhero, building the super ramp, and cheering at the soccer games.

Funnest. Dad. Ever. 

Also 'Happy Father's Day' to my dad, my step-dad and my dad-in-law. Love your guts!

Speaking of Father's Day, I thought this year I would do something really special for Hubby. I got the idea from Pinterest. (Guys, ask your lady to explain to you Pinterest.) The pin showed one frame with three pictures. Each picture, the kids hold out one letter that ends up spelling DAD. Cute, right?!

Now, there may be avid Pinterest lovers out there and that's okay. I salute you.

However, I am not a huge fan of Pinterest. I log on there every once and a while to look for yummy dessert recipes and yummy pictures of Chris Hemsworth. Did you guys see him in Thor? Or how about Snow White and The Huntsman? Have you seen the man's biceps? Or those dreamy blue eyes...

Sorry, I got off track there! Where was I?


Pinterest is not my favorite site as it reminds me how far my reality is from domestic perfection. I mean, Martha Stewart, I am not.

But, heck! Martha Stewart couldn't even do all of the stuff on there. She has people to help her. And I bet her people have people. And those people probably have people.

I tried to do this project last year with the boys but it did not work. Because Baby L was one and a half.

Yet, on this particular Father's Day, I felt emboldened! I felt inspired! I felt downright giddy with excitement. I thought, You can do this!!!
On Wednesday, I got the kids situated, sitting down inside the house, in front of a blank wall. After giving them the first letter, D, I proceeded to get them to smile for pictures. Moving quickly, I swapped letters, giving them the A.

It's go time! Smile kids!!

I tried everything! I was dancing around, making crazy faces, insane sounds and even promised candy and cookies! 

This worked for a total of about 10 minutes.

Frustrated, I gave up taking pictures and thought I could find at least 3 good pictures of the boys with all the photos I took.

I would be wrong.

Apparently yielding only 100 pictures is not enough to get three good ones. Sure, I had ones where one child had the best picture ever taken while the other one was crying or punching their brother. But not THREE good ones of both kids.

Dually noted.

I was undeterred! I was invigorated!

On Friday, I started again. I dressed them in the same shirt and we went outside, letters in tow. This time, instead of taking 100 pictures, I would take 700. This way I would FOR SURE have three good pictures.

Again, I tried getting them to smile by asking them to say 'monkey', promising chocolate and basicly acting a fool just to get them to smile.


So after scrolling through all of the pictures, I did find three very cute ones.

Turned out awesome, didn't it?!

Suck it, Pinterest.


  1. I, for one, ADORE Pinterest! I'm fully sucked in and I can't get out! I am completely ok with this! :-)

    But YAY for conquering it!!! Excellent job! :-)

  2. I did this for my husband last year... but I was working with a 9 and 2 year old who love getting their pic taken.. so it turned out really well. Did it outside like yours.. But one took the D.. both took the A.. and one took the D.. so they only had to sit through 2 pics each. Minimal exposure to the flash seems to help their brains not freak out during shoots XD You did great !! love it! I'm a pintaholic though XD

  3. LOL!!! This post had me rolling!!! I have a minor(major) addiction to Pinterest and I still get this way when trying to do some of the things on there. Have check out the the blog pinterosity? It's an entire blog where people can right in with all their Pinterest ideas that don't turn out. Some of them are hysterical! Stopping by from SITS Sharefest. Have a great weekend!

  4. Chris Hemsworth is delicious! I like Pinterest, but I agree- it can be inspiring and make me loathe myself at the same time. Stopping by from SiTS!

  5. I'm glad perseverance worked! Only the pic is too small, even when you click on it. Can you put up a larger one of your Father's Day present triumph?

    On your other topic, last week I wrote a post on the 5 sexiest superheroes. Chris Hemsworth moved to #2 after I saw Henry Cavil in "Man of Steel"!

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  6. Too funny! At least it worked out in the end... that's how a lot of projects go, lol! I found you at the Sits Girls; I'd love for you to stop by my blog and check it out, too.
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    DIY Showcase Link Party ~ tonight at 5pm Central

  7. Hahahaa! At least you did get it together and was able to get it together at the end! I am a lover of Pinterest, but I have had some fails on my part! Stopping in from SITS sharefest!


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