Saturday, September 22, 2012

Keeping The Romance Alive

Here's the deal.

I know things. Yes, it may come as a shock to a great many of you. (I don't let too many people in on this little secret. But I figure you and I are friends so it's okay.)

I know how to make the perfect grilled cheese and avocado.

I know what goes on behind the scenes in an Office of Admissions.

I know how to stay sane while staying-at-home with two little boys. (Okay, well maybe I don't know how to do this one very well, but still! I am somewhat adept, right? I mean, I'm able to right a witty post or two here and there. Wait! Don't answer that.)

I also know how to keep the romance alive.  Being married for more than 10+ years, I figure I am somewhat of an expert.

An expert, you say?  Surely you jest, you say?  No, dear readers.  (*Places hand on heart.*) I am expert on how to keep the passion and the romance alive between you and your beloved.  And I will now impart my wisdom upon you.

Move over Dr. Phil, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Drew!

*Pillow talk. While getting ready for bed the other night, Hubby (lounging in the bed watching TV) yells, "Come on in here and cuddle with me, you big battle ax!"  Ladies, I don't know about you but when someone whispers (or in this case yells from the other room) these types of sweet nothings in your ear, I can hardly contain myself.  Use of the words "big" and "battle ax" equate to some serious romance in my book.

*Fun Couple Games. One of our favorite couple games to play is "Let's See Who Can Stack The Recycling Bin The Highest Before They Cave In And Take The Recycling Out To The Curb." These fun couple games help to engage with your partner (and by engage I mean pretend like you are oblivious to the huge pile of plastics until you can't take it anymore and finally take the recyclables outside). It's good to have common interests in a partnership.

*The Element of Surprise. Who doesn't enjoy a break from the monotony?  Who doesn't like to do something spontaneously every once and a while to mix things up?  Take us for example. Hubby bought J (3) a Nerf shotgun under the pretense that J will love playing with it.  When in reality, Hubby bought the Nerf gun so he can leap out of unforeseen places and attack me with it.  I can be traipsing through the house, minding my own business, when at anytime I could be pelted in the neck with Nerf bullets. Folks, if this does not scream "ROMANCE", then I don't know what does.

Now, the list is endless really, but a lady cannot divulge ALL of her secrets. *Ahem.*

So, if you need help keeping the romance alive, just use one of these fail safe methods mentioned above. Or get creative! The point is that you are trying to woo your partner and that's what counts.

Go forth and romance!



  1. Yay! I knew my hubby and I weren't the only couple in the world who enjoy shooting each other with Nerf guns. During the holiday season, we also engage in wrapping-paper roll light-saber duels. Hey, like you said, you've got to do something to keep the magic alive. Great post, Michelle.

    1. Ah, Denise! Hubby enjoys shooting me with the Nerf gun and I enjoy staying out of the range of fire! ;)
      Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by!

  2. AH yes... the magical romantic dance we do through our days of rearing our children and keeping up with the house and life. It's a tricky thing and you have it DOWN good!! At our home, it's the "quickies" that keep us going!! I think you will laugh and relate to this post!

    1. Chris, I hate to brag but I told you I was a romance expert! ;) Will have to check out your blog link! Sounds hilarious!

  3. I'm writing all of those down! Lol!

  4. Popped in from SITS Sharefest! Definitely going to try these!

  5. Hubs and I love to play the trash and recycle stack it to the top chicken game also. It's so exciting wondering if this is the piece that is going to topple the whole stack over.
    Your post is hilarious!

    1. Hilarious! Glad to know we are not alone with "stack the recyclables to the top" game.
      Thanks for the kind words! Glad you stopped by! ;)

  6. Well, I have to say this post made me feel a lot better about things here at home. I had no idea we were already such a romantic couple! Let's See Who Can Stack The Recycling Bin The Highest Before They Cave In And Take It Out? Got that one nailed (and the same for the garbage, promise I'm not bragging). Pillow Talk? Done and done. "Babe, I think your butt is getting really big" counts, right? Lol! Great post, your blog is always fun to read :)

  7. Gosh, I need to start some of these games - and WIN. We compete in who's gonna change the 3-year old's poopy diaper. So much romance wrapped up in that.


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