Saturday, March 3, 2012

Easiest Dinner You Will Ever Make

Ever find yourself at around 4:30 wondering what the heck you are going to do for dinner?  This pretty much sums up mu daily existence.  Now, cooking is not my favorite thing but I don't mind it if I have a recipe to follow.  It's coming up with the idea part that I hate.

Now, this meal is a great idea for moms with little kids, moms with big kids, or heck, you don't have to be a mom at all!  This is for anyone who feels like they don't have enough hours in the day and are too exhausted to spend an hour in the kitchen cooking dinner.

I am going to let you in on a secret. I have a secret weapon.  It is the rotisserie chicken. (What?! You were expecting something else?) It is such a HUGE time saver. It is fantastic!  It is magical! If you are not familiar with the rotisserie chicken, you must introduce yourself immediately!

You can find rotisserie chickens at your local grocery, usually on a table warmer in the deli section.  There are usually two sizes.  The smaller one is for one to two people and is usually around one pound.  The larger one is for three to four people and usually two pounds.

There are so many things you can do with a rotisserie chicken!  Some of my go to staples are chicken tacos, chicken fajitas, chicken nachos, and chicken and white bean chili.  But, as fast as these meals are to whip up, it does not even come close to the easiest meal you will ever make.

The easiest meal is Chicken Sloppy Joes with Coleslaw.  You just take the meat off the chicken, dice it up,  and mix with your favorite barbecue sauce.  Put it on a bun, and there's half your dinner.  Then, get a bag of coleslaw and mix it with some dressing.  And your laughing!  Done!  Super quick and super easy.  (I told you it is the easiest dinner you will ever make!)

You can use which ever barbecue sauce and coleslaw dressing you'd like. Personally, I like the Jack Daniels Honey Smokehouse for the sandwiches.  And for the coleslaw, I like the Marzetti Slaw Dressing. (FYI, it is gluten free and also comes in Lite and Low Fat.)

So, the next time, you are at your wits end and have no idea what to make for dinner, use this recipe!  Everybody will love it!  (And if they don't love it, there is always peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with applesauce.)


  1. Mmmmm!! That sounds so good! I love the recommendations for BBQ sauce & the cole slaw stuff, too. I need ideas like this one.

    1. Kelley, I am all about the quick and easy meal prep! These days, every little bit of time saved can help.

  2. There is a GREAT recipe with rotisserie chicken on Rachel Ray- I'm going to post it next week. It's really easy as well (not as easy as yours- LOL) but def worth it.
    I've always wanted to try the cole slaw mixes and will now. Any BBQ sauces that are low sodium? I have to search for one. I am so sensitive to salt- guess thats not a bad thing.

    1. I am a fan of Rachel Ray as well. 30 minute meals are the perfect length of time for me! Let me know how the recipe turns out.
      Just looked at your blog. Very cute! Love your design.


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